MKD18 is individed

For the annual MKD event we, the students, were asked to design posters and other advertising materials for promotion, such as a style guide for the decoration at the event itself.

INDIVIDED is an art word between individual and divided. It expresses and speaks for every individual student on its own, but working together as a team day by day.

The liquidy theme expresses the individuality of every student, flowing and streaming together into one team.


The invitation was sent out in clear envelopes to several agencies and partners we worked together with the whole year.

“ We all aim for our own goals,
conquering different  struggles and challenges.
We fight for our place in the world of media,
everyone on their own, but nobody alone.

We are unique, but similar.
We are divided, but connected.
We are individed.“

These cards were displayed in bars, clubs, cafes, universities and museums all around Linz for everyone to take them.